Your Customer Experience,
Brought to Life

Your Customer Experience, Brought to Life

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Portable smartphone chargers to keep your customers powered up

Vessl chargers give your business the opportunity to solve a nagging problem for your customers -- the constant loss of smartphone battery life.

  • Delight your customers by charging them up while on the go
  • Get customers to stick around longer and come back more often
  • Promote specials, events, and other happenings using Vessl’s NFC technology and ad-space. Marketing features available by upgrading. Contact us to learn more.
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Customers Charge Their Phones Easily and Quickly

  • Set up in less than 2 minutes
  • Lend a charger to customers in need
  • Customer uses the charger anywhere within your venue
  • The charger is returned before they leave your business
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Works for Every Type of Business

Vessl is flexible, portable, easy to use and fits your business, no matter the type.

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