A Big Partnership is Super-Charging Our Start-Up!

 Vessl and The Pelican Group shake on it!

Vessl and The Pelican Group shake on it!

We're really excited here at Vessl! We've just entered into a new partnership with The Pelican Group, a national vending equipment management company. This alliance will expand Vessl’s distribution nationally, which just happens to fit in perfectly with our plan of total U.S. domination! (In fact, some day we hope that "Vessl" will become a verb, as in: "Hey, my phone's going dead...I need to Vessl it, STAT!"). The partnership will also give The Pelican Group a new portfolio product that answers the ever-increasing demand for smartphone charging in their many client locations.

Our fearless leader here at Vessl, CEO Brenton Gieser adds: “This partnership is more than a win-win for both Vessl and The Pelican Group. It’s a win for our current and future clients, because both companies have the primary objective of adding unique value to our clients by improving guest experiences.” 


Early this year, our parent company, Connect Group Enterprises, launched Vessl in the U.S. after success in both Korea and Japan. We've been gaining steady recognition with our elegant, easy-to-use smartphone charger; it has really caught on as an affordable and management-friendly way to give restaurant, bar, café and hotel patrons a way to charge their smartphones while in-venue. The food and beverage industry has been especially excited about the customer-service benefits of Vessl, and they've quickly adopted Vessl's proximity marketing and branding capabilities. (Our custom branding, QR codes and NFC technology give promotional power to Vessl chargers, allowing establishments to publicize events, specials, loyalty clubs and websites to customers while they charge their smartphone in-venue.) This gives great value-add to Vessl as a tool for managers to provide a much-needed customer service while increasing engagement, and revenue, via mobile marketing.


So who are our new partners? None other than The Pelican Group, founded in 1993. Their main focus is on improving customer experiences and their clients' revenue via vending and amusement equipment management. They have a very impressive client base, which includes Regal Entertainment Group (549 movie theatres in 39 states), restaurant chains TGI Friday's and Buffalo Wild Wings, Costco Wholesale, WorldMark and TrendWest Resorts, by Wyndam, and San Francisco and San Jose international airports.  The Pelican Group partners with technology leaders (like Vessl!) to provide resources and innovative vending solutions in digital music, interactive gaming, vending machines with wireless reporting, bulk vending and ATMs. With this partnership, The Pelican Group is responding to the in-venue charging needs that their clients –and their clients' customers– are demanding. 


We can't wait to get started with providing Vessl portable chargers – the most user-friendly, in-venue charging solution available – to restaurants and other public establishments nationwide - along with the great client management of The Pelican Group. This partnership is going to super-charge the food and beverage industry and their customers!!