Nearly All Survey Respondents Say They Are Likely to Offer Smartphone Chargers to Customers

 Over 90% of respondents say they are likely to offer smartphone chargers to customers.

Over 90% of respondents say they are likely to offer smartphone chargers to customers.

According to a survey we commissioned with SBMX (Sports Bar Marketing Exchange) emailed to over 32,000 restaurant, bar, nightclub and hospitality professionals, over 90% of respondents polled are likely to provide smartphone chargers to their customers.

The same number believe that their customers would be more likely to come back if they knew they could charge their smartphone at the establishment (with over 70% "very likely" or "super likely.")


Business owners are beginning to see that providing a smartphone charger is becoming a necessary element of the customer service they offer. They are noticing that customers faced with a dying or dead phone battery become anxious about missing a call, an email or an important connection. And a stressed-out guest will leave the venue early to charge their device at another location.


So, why not offer a portable charger to keep guests engaged at the venue longer? A higher dwell time equals more revenue. And a delighted customer, who knows they can count on their favorite nightspot for a drink and a phone charge, will come back more often. More visits equals more revenue. 


Consumer mobile/online habits are changing how businesses of all kinds think about customer service. Being open and flexible in the face of those changes allows business to keep pace with their customers' needs, and stay in line with, if not ahead of, their competitors. 


Vessl portable smartphone chargers offer you an affordable, powerful and easy-to-use device to add to your customer service amenities. You can customize Vessl with your company logo, and use NFC and QR codes to engage your customers with your own marketing and promotions. Ask us how.