Portable Smartphone Chargers as a Perk for Top Clients, Management and Staff

 Portable, powerful chargers prevent your smartphone from running out of power mid-meeting.

Portable, powerful chargers prevent your smartphone from running out of power mid-meeting.


Sitting in the waiting 'lounge' this afternoon at my attorney's office, I immediately reach for the ole iPhone 6, as I do at any opportunity, for what I call "mobile multi-tasking." That's really just my fancy title justifying my smartphone habits while giving the appearance of checking important work email, urgent texting with the Team, and "marketing research" (yes, on my phone...hey, it could happen!).

Big problem though: my smartphone was really low on battery power; it would be dead mid-meeting, when I would need access to my online calendar and emails. There was no option but to get on my knees, crawl behind the leather sofa, and find the outlet so I could charge the phone for a few minutes. OK, I'm exaggerating a little bit here (I didn't quite crawl....). But I'm not overstating the sense of panic induced by the thought that I may lose connection because of a dead phone battery.


Anyway, it got me to thinking: what if the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation was sitting in this fancy waiting room with a dead or dying phone? Would she get down on her knees in a Chanel suit and ruin her stockings in search of an outlet? Heck, no!

Wouldn't it be a great service to my attorney's VIP client to hand her a portable charger for her smartphone? She could power up her device while waiting, and even carry it into the conference room meeting. (Tod, my lawyer, thinks it's a great idea, by the way).

So, I started imagining other work/office environments where a fast, portable smartphone charger would not only be very useful for keeping management or staff connected to work apps, emails and tasks, but would delight, surprise, and probably impress the heck out of customers and clients too:


  • the aforementioned law office
  • a public work, meeting, or conference space
  • any consultant's office where you'd be spending a lot of time: architect, engineer, financial planner
  • a construction or remodeling site
  • real estate office (or even at a realtor's open house event!...keep those buyers with you as long as possible as they charge their phone and tour the property)
  • a factory floor or warehouse space where outlets are few and far between
  • any production facility
  • the dentist, doctor, or therapist  office
  • a nurses' station, assisted living or elderly care (to keep them connected with family)
  • a daycare facility or school where teachers need connection to parents & family
  • a spa, hair or nail salon, the gym
  • in limos, tour buses or other transportation vehicles
  • winery tasting rooms/cellars/production, out in the vineyards, the ranch, the farm
  • your corporate jet, yacht or guest mansion (I'm serious, Mr. Branson)


People surprise us often with their own ideas for Vessl smartphone chargers and where they could be really useful...can you think of any other situations or unique environments? Let us know!