Survey Results: Chargers are the new Wi-Fi

We sent a survey to over 32,000 food and beverage industry professionals last month, asking their thoughts on mobile charging solutions for customers. Since 2015 was deemed "the year of mobile," we knew we would see an interest in in-venue smartphone charging in general. But we were really fired up by how many businesses stated that they are likely to implement charging services; the numbers are way beyond what we expected!

Eighty-percent of U.S. adults now own smartphones and spend between 3.5 - 5.2 hours per day mobile multi-tasking. With customers spending over 50 percent of that time on their phones while in your place of business, it's inevitable that many of them will request a table near an outlet or ask the bartender or hostess to charge their phone. With so much online activity occurring in-venue, It's no wonder that dying or dead batteries have become a big problem for customers as well as business owners. Over fifty percent of managers we asked stated that their staff receive requests for smartphone charges over five times per day. 


Customers have begun demanding place-based charging for their smartphones; it's reminiscent of how requests for wi-fi just a handful of years ago has made free wi-fi ubiquitous in most public places now. As far as customer services are concerned these days, charging is the new wi-fi.


Customers faced with a dying or dead phone battery become anxious when they're about to lose their online connection and often will leave the venue early to charge their device at another location. The vast majority of managers (over 90 percent) tell us that if their customers knew they could depend on phone chargers in their venue, those guests would come back more often, and would probably stay longer. The same number tell us that they will be highly likely to provide smartphone charging to their customers.


A simple solution to guests leaving early is to provide them with a portable smartphone charger like Vessl. They'd extend their visit time to charge their phone, which gives staff an opportunity to provide a better customer experience, up-sell food and beverage, or engage in social sharing, merchandise purchases, or loyalty clubs. The result? A longer dwell time and more revenue. The chargers can also be an incentive for customers to return more frequently, which could positively affect your bottom line as well. 


Vessl portable smartphone chargers offer you an affordable, powerful and easy-to-use smartphone charger to add to your customer service offerings. Customize Vessl with your company logo, and use NFC and QR codes to engage your customers with your own marketing and promotions messages. Ask us how.